Coldblooded Curiosity

  Educating future generations 
    about our natural world!

Educating Future Generations About our Natural World!

It's All About the Animals

Coldblooded Curiosity started as a small home-based reptile room.  I kept reptiles as a hobby during my high school career and my fascination with these animals quickly grew.  I learned about how most of these animals are severely misunderstood and how the media gives them such a bad "rap".   My childhood heroes, such as Steve Irwin, Jack Hanna, and Jeff Corwin, were now all but obsolete, and the days of educational TV were over.   I wanted to try to change the way that these animals were being viewed by the public.  I slowly started to take in rescue animals, rehabilitate them if needed and then use them to do voluntary educational shows around my area.  I quickly found out that I loved to educate so I combined both of my passions to create Coldblooded Curiosity.  Not only have the animals I've rescued received a second chance, but they now have a purpose instead of wasting away as someones expensive, and sometimes dangerous,  "knick-knack."  I am pleased with what we do and I hope that everyone enjoys our presentations and also takes something away from them.  Reptiles are not the evil, blood-thirsty monsters that Hollywood, and most of television, have made them out to be.  They are simply animals that need to be respected, understood, and loved.  People tend to fear what they don't understand. Now, with that being said, push aside your fear and embrace your curiosity!


Jesse Winters